Case Management

In 2016, FAIR Girls supported approximately 115 women and transgender female survivors of trafficking through crisis intervention and case management practices.

Crisis Intervention

Upon receiving a tip or call, a FAIR Girls representative provides an immediate comprehensive trafficking assessment and initial trauma response. Our team is comprised of social workers, outreach and case managers, survivor advocates, and social work interns who are a trained in providing emergency care to trafficking survivors.

We accept client referrals from local and federal law enforcement, government agencies, social workers, teachers, local partners, the community, and individual clients themselves.  We also conduct regular outreach and provide referrals of missing and exploited girls to local and federal law enforcement.

Our emergency teams provide a wide range of assistance including but not limited to:

  • Immediate crisis intervention
  • Crisis counseling and initial overnight support to ensure girls feel safe and not alone
  • New clothes and basic toiletries to ensure the client’s needs are met with compassion and dignity
  • Referral to pro-bono legal support to ensure all immigration, criminal, and family matters are addressed quickly and confidentially
  • Referral to medical clinics to ensure the client’s well-being and health needs are addressed quickly and confidentially

Case Management

FAIR Girls believes that deeply investing in each girl will not only empower her, but produce residual effects that will trickle to her friends, family, and future sons and daughters, forever altering and breaking the cycle of exploitation and violence. This is why each of our clients receive personalized long-term assistance including counseling, education/career guidance, medical and mental health referrals, and legal support. Survivors are assigned to a case manager to work on developing a comprehensive goal plan for themselves. Our case managers understand that each survivor has her own unique history so they work hard to meet the girls’ individual needs.  With the help of FAIR Girls staff, each girl works to rebuild her life and become fully free, aware, inspired, and restored.

Services offered to each survivor include but are not limited to:

  • Development of short-term and long-term goals
  • Resources and support necessary to meet educational goals (GEDs, attending college, vocational training, etc.)
  • Assistance with employment, including job readiness, resume building, and interview preparations
  • Aid in receiving identification including ID, birth certificate, social security cards and other forms of documentation
  • Referrals for medical and mental health treatment facilities
  • Counseling with a licensed social worker
  • Help with finding safe, long-term housing
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