Dare to Thrive

Dare to Thrive is a leadership development program uniquely designed for survivors of sex trafficking. Through a series of practical life-skills workshops, participants develop skills in budgeting, job finding and retention, health and wellness, stress management, interpersonal communication and community service.

Despite the physical and psychological trauma these young women have endured, our survivors are resilient and have the potential to transform into leaders in their own lives and beyond. This program empowers and inspires young women to thrive, not just survive.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we provide a series of hands-on, interactive workshops focused on three core competencies: financial literacy and money management, self-care and self-esteem, career exploration and job readiness. The program also includes a mentor program and community service project as well as externships to provide exposure to a diverse range of career options.

Upon completion, participants walk away with a professional portfolio, a network of peers and mentors, and the confidence to lead an independent life, free from exploitation.

Dare to Thrive has the potential to impact 24 girls in 2015. Every young survivor who completes the program will receive a survivor scholarship during a graduation reception to celebrate her transformation into a leader in her own life and beyond.

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